Handmade Macbook Sleeve Case - Distressed Brown - 612

$72.00 USD


Handmade Macbook Sleeve Case - Distressed Brown - 612


  • Materials: Leather

  • Color: Brown

  • Minimalist design.

  • This Macbook sleeve case can double as a mouse pad when the Macbook is out, your mouse will glide nicely across its smooth leather surface

  • Compatible for all Macbook Model:

    • Macbook 12"

    • Macbook Air 11" & 13"

    • Macbook Pro 13" & 15"

    • Macbook Pro 16"

*The Color and Texture of the leathers are all slightly different because these are all natural geniuine leathers without any artificial colors.


Made by hand. No sewing machines or lasers; just hand tools, needles, and thread.

The Best Way to Sew Leather Is Actually By Hand! All our goods are sewn by hand using the "saddle" stitch method. This manual technique offers a stronger suture than the traditional lock stitch created by sewing machines. Although it is slower to make one product, we want our leather products to last a lifetime.