About Us

EXTRASTUDIO is a hand-crafted leather goods brand. All of our products are handmade with top quality cowhide leather. We are a three-person team based out of Beijing, China.

The owner of EXTRASTUDIO was a magazine editor for many years but her real passion is in handcraft. She enjoy the progress of turning the original materials into an ideal product. So She learnt a lot of skills to make leather goods from her father who is a retired leather worker from a bag factory. Then she and her father together started their business in 2014.

We are so luck that we started our business on Etsy in 2014 - ExtraStudio@Etsy. It is growing fast and we are getting a lot support from all of the world. We are so proud there are so many people are using and loving our products. Everyone in our studio are enjoying our work and we will continuously make high quality leather goods for you. :)